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Beach Trip Souvenirs

Supplies needed:

- Glass Bottles for Ornaments (comes with funnel, cork toppers and ornament eyes)

- Twine or string for hanging

- SAND! (Hopefully gathered from your beach trip.)

These homemade ornaments make great souvenirs for any beach trip! Just gather a small amount of sand with any container you have on hand. We used pringles cans we had left over from our lunch, but a water bottles or ziploc would work well too. If you're visiting beaches with different colors or textures of sand, make sure to bring a small sampling of each - it makes the end result even better!

Once you've brought the sand home, use a spoon to scoop the sand into your bottles using the funnel. You want to fill each bottle up to the bottom of the stem opening.

Run a small circle of hot glue along the inside of the bottle and quickly press the cork in to adhere to the glass jar and prevent accidental spills later on. If you're using the souvenir as an ornament, push the eye hook into your cork before gluing.

Use your label maker to type out the name of the beach your sand was collected and the date and just stick on! We like to create one for each of our kids to save in their ornament boxes, one for the family tree, and a few extras just in case. ;) It's so fun to place these homemade DIY ornaments on our tree each year and share memories of our fun trips together!

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