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Popcorn Santa's Coming to Town

One thing that's on everyone's holiday bucket list is watching a favorite Christmas movie. In our house, we have so many favorites that we cross this one off multiple times. But whether you're watching Elf, The Holiday, White Christmas, or The Grinch, step up your festive game with cute popcorn Santas!

Use a cone cellophane bag - I got mine at Michael's for $1.99 - or a piping bag and fill with popcorn, leaving two inches at the top empty. You can squeeze the popcorn to crunch pieces up a bit to better fill the bottom of the cone. Prepare a Santa head (minus the notorious beard) on cardstock paper. Use a template below for a pre-colored version or let the kids color in his hat and face before cutting out. fold in the sides of your cellophane bag and attach to the back of each Santa head with a piece of clear tape. And that's it! Super simple. Your kids will love this fun addition their movie night. Or use marshmallows instead of popcorn and invite marshmallow Santas to your hot cocoa bars! Whatever you do, share your ideas and photos with us on instagram @simplist_co!

Printable Santa templates can be downloaded free here:

Santa Head Color Template
Download PDF • 797KB
Santa Head BW Template
Download PDF • 653KB
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